Program Overview:

BioPrinting Breakout is a workshop on bioprinting and 3D tissue engineering designed to bring scientists into the public to talk about their work and kick start new initiatives related to this technology. ExpertĀ researchers in this field will present their work and lead hands-on demos for an audience of other scientists, engineers, artists, makers and hackers.

Initiative Goals:

Create an environment where 3D BioPrinting of cells & tissue can be imagined, designed, constructed, used, and shared collaboratively with people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Host workshops to educate those interested on key principles and technologies, and connect scientists, engineers, artists, and citizens with experts in the field to quickly overcome some of the technological hurdles.

Establish an informed dialogue on the potential social, ethical, and economic impacts of these technologies.

Promote doing, not just knowing about, this science, and leverage the unique aspects of this community toward making new contributions to the field.

Public is welcome.

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